The Accelerated Learning Spanish System

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The Accelerated Learning Spanish System

Author: Colin Rose


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12 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD, DVD, Language Book on CD

Speak Spanish in just 30 days — guaranteed! Become a fluent Spanish speaker in weeks, not years, with a revolutionary learning system that activates your innate language-learning ability and makes the process fun, fast, and virtually automatic!


Speak Spanish in just 30 days — guaranteed!

Master Spanish the same easy, natural way you first learned English, with a revolutionary language system based on Nobel prize–winning research!

When you double the number of languages you can speak and understand, you DOUBLE the opportunities available to you and the information you can access and use … and more than double the places you can easily travel through and the people whose skills, talents, personalities, and interests you can connect with. And in North America, so second language is more practical and valuable than Spanish.

The Accelerated Learning process works so well and so quickly because it reproduces the same natural, multisensory language-learning process by which you learned English. Through a blend of linguistic associations, mnemonics, music, memory maps, name games, real-life dialogues, and other proven techniques, Accelerated Learning effectively immerses you totally in the Spanish language, with an emphasis on the practical words and phrases native speakers use in the most common everyday situations.

The result is a language-learning system completely customized to your unique, individual learning style — one which enables you to absorb Spanish with previously unimagined speed, and retain so much more of what you learn. Once you’ve mastered the Spanish language, you will be able to:

  • Enjoy a whole new world of entertainment, movies, and music

  • Communicate with Spanish-speaking customers, clients, and associates and impress them with your ability

  • Converse easily with native speakers in travel situations

  • Express facts, give instructions, and describe current, past, and future activities

  • Use transportation systems with confidence, ask directions, and navigate your own way around cities and the countryside

  • And much more!

With the Accelerated Learning Spanish System, you will be amazed by how quickly you become a true Spanish speaker — and by all the ways your new language will enrich your life.

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Contents 12 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD, DVD, Language Book on CD
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