Quantum Memory Power

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Quantum Memory Power

Author: Dominic O'Brien


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8 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD

Improve your memory, decision making, and self confidence from World Memory Champion Dominic O'Brien. Develop a quantum memory so powerful, you're like a human computer! You'll be using your imagination and creative powers in ways you never imagined to gain speed, accuracy and poise in the development of your own special quantum memory powers.


Develop a quantum memory so powerful, you're like a human computer!

You'll learn to remember names, faces, numbers,birthdays, dates, appointments, or any sequence of numbers you want. Once you have unleashed your memory power there will be no limits to the type or quantity of information you wish to store.

My memory is a trained memory. I was definitely and categorically not born with a special gift for memorizing vast amounts of information. Yes, I am the current and seven times World Memory Champion, and I am in the record books for memorizing 40 decks of playing cards after a single sighting of each card.

I can memorize a random sequence of 2000 numbers in less than an hour and I appear regularly on television memorizing anything from shopping lists to the entire audience of names and faces. Yet, I am only able to do this because I have trained my brain to do this. What I can do you can do, too.

The techniques, the systems and strategies that I am going to reveal to you are in my opinion unrivaled. I believe they are the most powerful in the world and I challenge anyone to develop something more powerful.

The reason is simple. I devised each and every method from my own trials and errors. The systems that worked I kept and refined those that were unproductive I threw out. My only fear in producing this course is that you may be the one person who will use these techniques to defeat me! I ask only one favor - that at the awards banquet, you at least acknowledge the fact that you used these techniques to beat me!

In this Quantum Memory Power program I am going to explain a system that I developed which I believe has been pivotal in enabling me to win those World Memory Championships. It is so devastatingly effective that unfortunately for me, my rivals in competition are now using this system to try to beat me and one or two are getting too close for comfort.

With each powerful technique I give you, I'll give you practical applications and exercises to test and strengthen your abilities in each area. You'll be using your imagination and creative powers in ways you never imagined to gain speed, accuracy and poise in the development of your own special quantum memory powers.

In Quantum Memory Power you'll learn:

  • How your brain operates

  • To improve your decision making powers

  • The exciting world of mnemonic symbols.

  • A powerful way to remember directions

  • To develop laser-sharp concentration

  • How to ace a tough job interview

  • Developing a mental fact file

  • An increased sense of self-confidence

  • To memorize a deck of cards and gigantic numbers

You're about to take the journey of a lifetime. I guarantee, you never realized that learning could be such fun. Develop a quantum memory! See you at the next World Memory Championship!

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Contents 8 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD
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AMAZING! Review by Michael Kim
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With this program, I can memorize a deck of cards, but I also made my life easier.  Whenever someone tells me their birthday, I automatically look for an association to help me memorize it.  I also use this to help me memorize phone numbers and names.  For example, I recently met a guy whose name was Abraham, and I imagined him dressed like the biblical Abraham.  You can bet I never forgot his name!  I also saw Mr. O'Brien on a Korean television program here where he memorized the entire Seoul system subway route, which contains station names like Yeoksam, Euljiro, Ahyeon... AMAZING! (Posted on 8/3/2015)
almost instant results Review by Henry Herman
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I recently obtained Mr O'Brien's Quantum Memory CD course as a gift this past Monday. It is now Thursday evening and I've have only finished CD 2 of 6. I work in a call center, and when it was slow with no calls coming in, I asked a co-worker to write down a random list of 20 objects. I had comfortably tested myself, using Dominic's system, with 10 objects, but hadn't tried 20 yet. I decided to have my work associate do this so I wouldn't be familiar with the objects. On my first try, after only having reviewed the list for 3 or 4 minutes, recalled 19 of the 20 items, but I had them add ANOTHER 20 on top of those and on my second attempt, I perfectly recalled EVERY SINGLE ITEM. I was floored. They were floored. Dominic O'Brien is a man of his word. I cannot WAIT to finish this course and learn what the possibilities are. (Posted on 5/16/2015)
This will help you Review by Gaurav Srivastava
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Recentley, I was in a job interview promissing a 6 figure sallary. I had to memorise a bunch of dates, names and just about everything in the subject field of accounting. I had heard about Dominic O'Brien and decided to give it a shot. It helped me immensley! I had memorised everything no problem using association power! Yesterday, I received a letter in the post saying I was selected!! Now me and my family are going to Hawaii for a holiday. I can guarantee you, if you're in a difficult situation and need the edge, this product will help you. (Posted on 2/21/2015)

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