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The Psychology of Winning CD Version

Author: Denis Waitley


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The Ten Qualities of a Total Winner
Imagine there are five seconds left to play, your team is down by one point and the ball is in your hands. Thousands of people are cheering. It’s your chance to win. It’s a moment you’ve worked for all your life. Imagine the feeling. Is it too much pressure? Or is it tremendous excitement?

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The Psychology of Winning will teach you how to program your mind for success and achievement

Imagine there are five seconds left to play, your team is down by one point and the ball is in your hands. Thousands of people are cheering. It's your chance to win!

It's a moment you've worked for all your life. Imagine the feeling. Is it too much pressure? Or is it tremendous excitement? Whether you realize it or not, you are in the game! And winning is only an attitude away. Pressure or excitement, the choice is yours.

The moment you've been working for all your life may happen today ... that unfinished report on your desk could be the best project ever ... you could inspire your customers to make unprecedented new orders ... your employees could set new performance standards under your leadership ... or you could have the best moment of your life with your family or friends.The outcome of the game is on your shoulders.

So ask yourself:

  • Is my career a runaway success?
  • Am I a champion to my family?
  • Am I excited to get up every morning and start another day in my own shoes?

Winners can honestly answer each question "yes."

Being a winner is an attitude, a way of life, a self-concept. It's a heads-up, full-speed-ahead way of living and being. It's wanting the ball at crunch time because you believe in yourself. It's an expectation of success that you can master with your personal coach, Denis Waitley. The Psychology of Winning is not a Pollyanna, "you can do it" motivational lecture. It's a tough, no-nonsense approach based on years of documented scientific research. The techniques it will teach you all add up to one thing - making you a "winner in life." The Psychology of Winning is already one of the most acclaimed and popular audio programs of all time. And based on the thousands of personal "thank you" letters Denis has received from around the world, we know it has made a profound difference in the lives of those who have applied it.

In The Psychology of Winning, you'll learn how to:

  • Make a habit of the Ten Steps to Winning taken by all Olympic champions, top sales stars, and top executives.

  • Focus your dominant thoughts on leading you inevitably to victories in all your challenges.

  • Create a new optimistic way of life.

  • Understand and control the fundamental key to all human behavior.

  • Boost your "winning average" with positive self-expectancy.

  • Develop optimal self-esteem in your employees, your children, and yourself.

  • Harmonize the Three Zones of Growth to keep yourself in the winner's circle.

Nothing can stop you once you've mastered the material in this program. All the other victories you want to experience in life will flow from the change in mindset that makes you a winner. Don't lose another moment. Discover The Psychology of Winning

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A truly outstanding program... Review by Ralph Thompson
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One of the most profound messages I've ever heard in my life was "The Greatest Secret" by the late Earl Nightingale. I first heard this over the radio in my car, when I was about 19 years old, commuting between college and working nights driving a fork lift for a cannery. The second profound message that I had the privilege of hearing was "The Psychology of Winning" by Denis Waitley. Earl's message started a dynamic,, positive attitudinal change in my life.  Denis' coaching allowed me to put that new attitude to work with specific instructions on how to more positively directly my energies and to create a much clearer understanding of the motivations of others and myself as well.  This Epiphany opened my eyes as to the tools I could develop to direct my own life into more sucessful paths of opportunity. A truly outstanding program...throughout the years I have yet to come across another with deeper insight and more positive practical information to develop course corrections for specific personal benefit.   The only reason I am not relating here the specific benefits I have received, is because it may sound self-agrandizing at the expense of placing the focus on the tremendous progress I have been able to make, directly due to what I have learned through The Psychology of Winning. Thank you so much Denis, for developing this incredible, life changing, inspirational source of information.  Let me know the next time you are in California and I'll buy you lunch.
(Posted on 8/19/2015)
Enlightened me Review by Victoria V.
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At age 30, some 25 years ago, I discovered The Psychology of Winning.  A divorced, single parent, high school dropout I was living my supposed 'destiny'.  Denis Waitley's program enlightened me to the control I HAVE over my own destiny and I was able to improve my family's standard of living emotionally, spiritually and financially.  I got the best jobs, purchased 4 income properties (which paid for my own mortgage) and was able to provide much, much better for my gang.  THANK YOU, Denis WAITLEY!!!
(Posted on 8/19/2015)
Incredible Review by Jack Taylor
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This is one of the finest self-help tape sets Ive ever had. I have to buy the CDs because Ive worn out the cassettes. If you apply the techniques that Dennis Waitley outlines in the Psychology of Winning, You will be successful in whatever you do. (Posted on 8/19/2015)
recommend it to anyone Review by Harold Eck
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I bought Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley over 20 years ago and I still listen to it.  The principles contained in it worked for me then and they are still working for me.  Whenever the topic comes up, I recommend it to anyone within hearing.Anyone who applies the principles contained in the Psychology of Winning will change their life for the better.
(Posted on 8/19/2015)
Profoundly effected my life Review by Jason Atkinson
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"The Psychology of Winning" is absolutley one of my all time favorites. I began listening to this program in 2001 and even after listening, literally hundreds of times, I still continue to find relevant information that I can apply in day to day successful living. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in gaining that "extra push" we all sometimes need. "The Psychology of Winning" has had a profound effect on my life, in terms of increased self-esteem, goal achieving,as well as physical, mental, material, and spiritual enhancement. Many of the themes can be found throughout the so called "success literature" but Denis Waitley has put them together in a clear concise format that is destined to be a classic. (Posted on 8/19/2015)

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