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Quickly join the ranks of the Top 2%… and stay there for a lifetime!

Introducing a cutting-edge approach to rapid financial advancement and lasting personal achievement!

Most people believe that great financial success in life comes as a result of background, education, or luck. But research shows that it is actually the result of mastering a specific set of habits, mindsets, behaviors, and actions that are known and practiced by all wealthy and successful people.

The Top 2% System is a complete multimedia experience designed to install ALL of these proven “secrets” into your mind, heart, and soul… so that you can quickly join the ranks of the Top 2% — the highest-earning, most influential members of our society — and maintain that lofty level of income and fulfillment for the rest of your life.

Here’s what you’ll get in this breakthrough, one-of-a-kind system:

THE TOP 2%: How to Become the Highest-Paid, Highest-Profile Person In Your Industry

This step-by-step program gives you the ideas, strategies, skills, and tools of the greatest success minds and highest achievers of our time. You’ll discover 17 fundamental secrets and more than 37 individual techniques that, once mastered, will quickly move you into the Top 2% of income earners, including:

✓A simple 12-question guide to unlock unstoppable self-power — 98% of all “self-help” programs get this wrong… especially for the new world we’re facing

✓”The Always On™ Process”: A way to fully resign from your old life of stress and worry, and instantly begin your new life

✓The revolutionary M.A.P (Mental Alignment Process) technique you can use to never fight yourself for success again

✓A remarkable 7-part daily routine that unlocks a treasure trove of unlimited enthusiasm — one of the hallmarks of the Top 2%

✓And much more!

2% MASTERY: The Five Keys to Lifelong Economic Freedom

All Top 2% members who have maintained their elite wealth status over the long term have done so by mastering five core skills. This FIVE-VOLUME COLLECTION examines these skills in depth and shows you how to quickly and easily gain total expertise in each one. You’ll discover how to:

✓Gain the respect and admiration of others, using little-known secrets of America’s most successful leaders

✓Respond effectively in a crisis using proven techniques for thinking clearly and reducing anxiety under pressure

✓Beat procrastination once and for all and take immediate action (one of the most crucial skills you’ll ever learn)

✓Develop a “mind like water” so that nothing can send you into panic mode — no matter how urgent, unexpected, or challenging

✓Make big and small changes in your life with a speed and ease that will astonish you

✓And much more!


In this one-on-one consultation, conducted over the phone at your convenience and completely confidential, a trained personal success consultant will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, clarify your goals, and pinpoint your unique abilities so that you can get the maximum impact from The Top 2% System!


FREE BONUS #1: Buffett and Gates on Success CD Two of the richest individuals in the world, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, reveal their remarkable approach to business, life, and success. Duplicate their winning strategies for your own personal success.

FREE BONUS #2: The Strangest Secret CD Earl Nightingale’s extraordinary world-renowned message launched a million success stories — and the entire personal success audio industry! Now they can work their magic on YOUR life!

FREE BONUS #3: Productivity Secrets of the Most Accomplished Man in History eBook Discover the self-designed system that made Ben Franklin one of the most accomplished individuals in our nation’s history

FREE BONUS #4: Goal Setting Mastery eBook A 7-step plan that will help you to formulate specific goals and a plan of action in 5 key areas of your life, define precise measurable outcomes for all your goals, set deadlines for achieving your goals, and more!

FREE BONUS #5: The Science of Getting Rich eBook A stunningly simple and virtually foolproof formula for acquiring great personal wealth via the infallible law of cause and effect.

FREE BONUS #6: John Abdo’s No Excuses! Workout DVD Good health and high energy are essential to Top 2% living. This amazing anywhere, anytime routine targets every muscle in your body while boosting overall cardio-respiratory health in only 7 minutes!

Great wealth, professional success, personal fulfillment, vibrant health are all within your reach. You already have the drive and determination. With The Top 2% System, you’ll have the specific tools and strategies shared by all Top 2%-ers. Learn them, master them, practice them every day, and you WILL get there. It’s inevitable and virtually guaranteed!

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The Top 2% System: A Cutting-Edge Approach to Rapid Financial Advancement and Lasting Personal Achievement
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The Top 2% System: A Cutting-Edge Approach to Rapid Financial Advancement and Lasting Personal Achievement

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