Howard Berg's Maximum Speed Reading

Author: Howard Berg


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Maximum Speed Reading by Howard Berg will help you to read and comprehend massive amounts of written information in any subject area - with speed and remarkable retention and recall.


Learn Speed Reading with Howard Berg - at Maximum Speed!

Let Howard Berg's Maximum Speed Reading teach you to absorb all of the material you need to read with unbelievable speed, comprehension, and recall!

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of written material you're faced with each day? Do you find you spend most of your day slogging through the memos, reports, articles, books, and websites that are critical to your success, but that drain away your time and energy? Speed Reading could be the answer!

Maximum Speed Reading is an incredible new program that will help you to read and comprehend massive amounts of written information - in any subject area - with unbelievable speed and remarkable retention and recall.

Created by Howard Berg, the world's fastest reader, Maximum Speed Reading includes revolutionary tools and techniques based on cutting-edge accelerated learning research. This power-packed program will teach you how to ?
  • Boost your reading speed to unimagined levels in just a few hours.
  • Discover the little-known hand motions that will rapidly increase your reading rate.
  • Create a positive, optimal reading state no matter where you are.
  • Use a powerful "skimming" technique to immediately determine if something is worth reading.
  • Make the time you spend reading 100% more effective.
  • Comprehend the complex layers of meaning in written material without working harder or reading more.
  • Identify the secret clues and critical information hidden in the table of contents.
  • Experience dramatic improvements in your reading speed and comprehension by adding a certain kind of music to your routine.
  • And more!
Gain the critical edge over everyone around you, using the ultimate secrets for success in the 21st century!

As the level of available information in the world increases, the ability to absorb it efficiently is only going to become more and more vital to your success. The people who are achieving serious success today are those who can quickly read, process, and apply large quantities of relevant information from books, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet.

Whether you're reading for business, school, or pleasure, the techniques you'll learn in Maximum Speed Reading will make every reading experience more powerful, memorable, and enjoyable.

You'll be able to absorb, retain, and recall huge amounts of information on any subject, in any written format. You'll amaze employers, clients, and friends with your remarkable and hugely valuable skill. And you'll possess the ultimate secret for succeeding in today's information-packed world.

Now also available in combination with Howard Berg's Maximum Speed Learning program: Howard Berg's Maximum Speed Reading and Learning Collection

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