Simplify Your Life

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Author: Elaine St. James


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6 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD

Ways to Free Yourself to Enjoy the Things that Really Matter to You


Do you ever wish your life could be a little bit … simpler?

Do you ever wish your life could be a little bit ... simpler?

These days, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by our possessions, finances, commitments, obligations — the sheer amount of “stuff” in our lives. It takes up space, drains away time, and distracts us from the things that really matter: relationships, health, happiness, spirituality, and inner growth.

Simplify Your Life is a refreshing, much-needed antidote to the disorder and frenzy of daily life. In this funny, insightful, and practical program, you’ll discover how to bring more happiness into your life by taking things you don’t want out of it —step by simple step. It contains dozens of suggestions and tips that will help you begin the process of creating a more balanced, peaceful life that is free of chaos and clutter. You’ll discover how to:
  • Identify and eliminate the major sources of complication in your life
  • Painlessly, guiltlessly rid your home of space-consuming clutter
  • Simplify household tasks like cleaning, cooking, and laundry
  • Dramatically reduce your monthly expenses without sacrificing fun
  • Feel comfortable saying “no” to invitations and commitments you really don't want to accept
  • Make wiser choices about how, when, and where you spend your time and money
  • And so much more!
If you’ve got drawers in your house you’re afraid to open ... spend more time in your office than at home ... need a laundry basket to carry in your mail ... have a social calendar filled with engagements you have no interest in attending ... or find that 24 hours in a day just aren’t enough ... you'll find Simplify Your Life a source of blessed relief. It’s guaranteed to make your life easier, more relaxing, less hectic, and far more fun and livable than it is today!

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Contents 6 Audio CDs, Workbook on CD

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