The Psychology of Success

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Author: Brian Tracy


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6 Audio CDs

Ten Universal Principles for Personal Empowerment


A blueprint for peak performance and high achievement

Success is no accident. You won’t just stumble upon it in the dark. Success is a skill. A skill that can be learned by anyone, at any stage of the game.

But you need a strategy. You need a master plan to follow. With the help of Brian Tracy’s Psychology of Success, you can design the blueprints of your own success.

True success requires an earnest commitment to become excellent at everything you do. Let Psychology of Success inspire you to take a hard look at your work habits and change them for the better.

Brian Tracy will be your guide, your teacher and your mentor on the road to success. Step-by-step, Brian shows you how to climb to the top. How to realize your full potential and plot your course for high achievement.

Brian will help you boost your success ratio with the on-target ideas put forth in this informative program.

Brian Tracy has started, built, and managed or consulted for more than 300 businesses, large and small. At the age of 25, he built a 95-person sales force covering six countries, doing more than $1 million a month.

He was chief operating officer of a development company with $265 million in assets and $75 million in sales. He started and built an automobile important company from nothing to $25 million in sales in less than three years.

Brian has been to the top, and he can help you learn from his triumphs and his mistakes. Early in his career, Brian went through a period of struggle and frustration. Then, by studying others who were successful and analyzing his own errors and shortcomings, he came up with a formula of success that made him a millionaire. Now, he shares it with you.

In the Psychology of Success you’ll learn:
  • The 15 thought patterns for success
  • The Law of Service
  • Creating a “comfort zone”
  • Freeing yourself from the E-Factor
  • The Iron Law of Human Destiny,/li>
  • The value of delaying gratification
  • The Principles of Cooperation,
  • The Law of Accumulation
  • The courage to conquer your every fear,/li>
  • The Universal Maxim
Success will be yours when you tailor these proven techniques to your own unique lifestyle and career objectives. Remember, success begins inside you. But when you’re ready to make a commitment toward excellence, let Brian Tracy’s Psychology of Success be the master plan that guides you to peak performance.

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