NLP in Action DVD

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Author: Charles Faulkner


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Experience the magic of NLP for yourself!


Experience the magic of NLP for yourself!

Achieve success effortlessly and maintain it forever!

You've probably heard of the life-transforming powers of Neurolinguistic Programming, otherwise known as NLP. You've read that it teaches people to model human excellence; that it's a powerful, practical psychology for personal and professional growth; that thousands of people swear by its ability to create a lifetime of success. Now see for yourself — with two of the country's top NLP trainers as your guides.

In this dynamic video, you'll learn how to:
  • Make your present actions a resource for positive results in the future
  • Persuade others to see — and accept — your point of view
  • Create and utilize your own natural states of excellence
  • Match mindsets with others to create common ground for communication
  • Use the technique of Path Building toward your goal
  • Learn to be naturally drawn to your goals
NLP in Action: Success Strategies for Rapid Change is your opportunity to create a compelling future for yourself and achieve excellence — immediately. See what it can do for you!

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