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Are you ready to transcend?

If you genuinely have a desire to experience the realm of consciousness beyond your everyday, business-as-usual life–to “transcend”–then Stuart Wilde wants to help you learn.

A spiritual guide with an irreverent style, he can show you the profound along with the profoundly absurd. He can help you tap into your eternal nature, to pass through the doorway of perception that leads beyond your physical senses.

Through his meditations and exercises, you can learn to feel more wonder, less fear, definitely less seriousness, and greater positive energy in every moment of your life.

Stuart Wilde can lead you on the path to understanding your eternal nature, to feeling the infinite God Force inside of you. Whether you call it Christ, God the Father, Buddha, the Great Spirit, the infinite force . . . whatever. He can help you feel closer and more in tune with the core of yourself that experiences infinite life.

Stuart Wilde provides you with 33 practical steps for reclaiming your inner power, which include learning to:
• Accept guidance from Spirit
• Become master of your own destiny
• Find personal freedom through acceptance and detachment
• Center your mind
• Purify yourself of ego-based limitations
• Dedicate your life to the Sacred Way
• Have an abundance of inspiration and creative expression
• Move forward with the energy of Quest

Stuart Wilde believes that spiritual power is everyone’s birthright, and you need only to free yourself to reclaim it. And once you’ve experienced the Infinite Self, you’ll feel a deeper love and gratitude for your life in every way.

What people say about this product

I just finished listening to this amazingly inspiring series. Stuart Wilde has a gift in delivering very important information. Could not stop listening and left me hungry for more. I purchased more of his programs and books and I would highly recommend. Thank you.


I am writing about the Stuart Wilde tapes of the book "Miracles"For the past 2 years I have had the tapes in my car and have tuned in to and from a job that was truly bringing me down. These tapes were so inspirational and motivating that, I finally quit that job of 26 years and am pursuing a new life pattern . Constant retraining of my spirit by listening to his words had a profound effect on me. I have eagerly read dozens of books about the sixth sense,etc. My whole outlook on life has changed for the better. Positive energy is the key and tapping into the vast, wonderfulness of our God and the other side.I know it is not easy to tell others where I am coming from, but just from being kind ,etc. it starts a chain reaction. The most difficult thing to do is to retrain ourselves from the society we were raised in, but it is well worth the effort. The white light of protection has always been with us, but when you consiously ask for it, the results are amazing. Gratitude is a big part of my life now and I am thankful for every single thing and very happy.Thank you to Stuart and all others who have studied and passed their knowledge on to us.


I found Infinite Self be Stuart Wilde to be absolutely entralling! The insights Stuart offers as to who we really are and our place in the universe are as stunning as they are useful. I especially enjoyed the no-nonsense, straight from the shoulder delivery of his message. Everyone will find his ideas both accessable and understandable. Thanks to Stuart I am no longer a slave to my ego's neurotic demands; I recognize them for what they are and simply let them go. Infinite Self was worth every dime and every minute I invested in it.

L. R. Daniels
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infinite self

Infinite Self

Stuart Wilde is the author of the breakthrough original audio program Journey Beyond Enlightenment. Embark on this journey now in a FREE audio clip that will take you into a realm of spirituality few have

journey beyond enlightenment

The Journey Beyond Enlightenment

Stuart Wilde is the author of the breakthrough original audio program Journey Beyond Enlightenment. Embark on this journey now in a FREE audio clip that will take you into a realm of spirituality few have


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Infinite Self

infinite self

by: Stuart Wilde

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