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Gain an uncanny, razor-sharp understanding of yourself and everyone around you!

Did you ever wonder just what makes people tick?
Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do,
where your habits, patterns and way of living started?

Do you wonder if ‘human nature’ is a product of the environment or something that you are born with and is buried deep down? Do you ever wonder if you could achieve more in life by simply developing a better way of not only understanding yourself, but anyone you may come in contact with? The answers to all these questions lie in the revolutionary concept of Brain Typing.

This exciting program, Brain Typing: the Amazing New Science for Understanding Yourself and Others is a 21st century approach to understanding and developing people. It classifies all people the world over, into 16 different and unique types. Each person only has one of the 16, and it’s an inborn, genetically predisposed wiring that directly regulates both mental and motor skills. Each Brain Type not only has inherent and specific mental proficiencies and deficiencies, but physical ones as well. These inborn traits are the greatest determinants for why people do most things they do.

By determining an individual Brain Type, one can know-even as a youngster-what one is best cut out to do in life, and how best to get there. Many frustrations and wasted time can be eliminated, with the process of Brain Typing. Whether it be in business, academics, relationships, parenting, sports, spirituality, vocations or any other aspect of life that deals with people, Brain Typing can offer unparalleled insight and strategies for optimizing personal success-based on one’s individual and unique design. By taking a simple test provided in this program, you can open a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for yourself in many areas of your life.

Though people come in billions of differing nuances, they all have at least eight mental functions upon which they critically rely. The inborn strengths and weaknesses of these eight processes, for each person, determine one’s individual Brain Type. Amazingly, each Brain Type has one-of-a-kind body/motor skills also. Those possessing the same Brain Type will share striking similarities, regardless of race or environment. Brain Typing has discovered that nature is the single greatest determinant for why we do what we do. In other words, you could have the same Brain Type as Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy, or one of the separate types of Michael Jordan, Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods or Oprah Winfrey.

You will share many mental and physical characteristics with the celebrities of your personal Brain Type. And, the more you train yourself to be like a well known person-or anyone else of your Type-the more you’ll be like them. People of the other fifteen types can never attain the distinct giftedness of your particular Brain Type.

Though Brain Typing is cutting edge for the scientific world, it can be simply understood and applied by the layperson. Not only can Brain Typing provide greater insight into people than any other method, it can provide easy and specific steps for optimal development and success-in virtually every area of life. Consider just some of the areas where much research has led to exceptional success through Brain Typing:

Self-Understanding: understand why you think and act the way you do; gain self-acceptance, confidence, and freedom; develop new skills and interests; identify famous people with your Brain Type; and more.

Business: use Brain Typing in personnel-hiring, developing, motivating, resolving conflict, improving sales skills. Develop leadership-optimal strategizing; maximizing company sales; enhancing negotiations and public relations. Make your team the best it can be!

Education: increase personal interest and motivation; accelerate learning; find best subjects for you or selecting a college major; understand teachers and fellow students; correct learning disorders; improve study habits.

Health: enhance mental health; relieve stress; choose best hobbies, recreation, exercise; understand which types are prone to but can often overcome any physical or mental limitations; learn the real key to successful weight loss and maintenance-according to one’s unique Brain Type.

Family: achieve greater understanding, appreciation, tolerance, teamwork, and direction for your family.

Parenting: learn the best ways to motivate, encourage, and direct your children-based on their individual types; select individual academics, sports, vocations-making wise choices in every area your child’s life; accelerate learning; discipline effectively; identify and overcome any learning disorders.

Relationships: increase understanding, appreciation, respect, communication, and harmony. Romance: showing love and meeting individual needs; considering a mate; identifying potential conflict and compatibility.

Spirituality: better understand God; better understand your individual design and purpose; enhance spiritual awareness; better understand Scripture and its authors; identify spiritual gifts; Brain Typing is especially valuable for church leadership.

Sports: learn how to improve the fastest; discern the best sports and positions for you; improve motivation; handle pressure; accessing the “zone;” know which famous athletes have your Brain Type. Adapt the same talents as Brett Favre or Michael Jordan to your personal training schedule!

Career: maximizing potential in your existing job; choosing a vocation that motivates
and fits you.

Now you can use Brain Typing to greatly accelerate the rate at which you influence yourself and others to achieve unprecedented levels of performance. In fact, one top NFL quarterback increased his performance statistics by 40% using this method. The knowledge you’ll gain from Brain Typing will allow you to work with your own or another’s strengths to achieve positive results more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Doctors and scientists are claiming Brain Typing to be the greatest psychological breakthrough in forty years. Brain Typing is a breakthrough you can use to sharpen your own mental and physical skills. You’ll uncover the “distractions” that keep you from performing and accomplishing at your peak ability, and you’ll learn specific techniques to shut those distractions down and live in your peak performance zone.

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brain typing

Brain Typing

Utilizing Brain Typing®, developed by Jonathan P. Niednagel, BTI aids groups and individuals in understanding what has been called the "single greatest determinant for why people do what they do." Brain Typing became nationally known in the 1990s and has gained wide acceptance and appreciation ever since. As the founder of the Brain Type Institute, Jonathan P. Niednagel is well into his 3rd decade of researching and refining his approach to evaluating people with the goal of helping others to understand how God has gifted them from an inborn and indelible point of view.


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Brain Typing

brain typing

by: Jonathan Niednagel

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