The 11th Element

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Author: Bob Scheinfeld


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6 Audio CDs, Bonus CD

Take control of the invisible, little-known force that shapes your success


Take control of the invisible, little-known force that shapes your success

Your wealth, career, and achievements are all shaped by a powerful set of unseen, rarely discussed forces known as the "11th Element."

Many of the richest people in the world have quietly used the 11th Element to unleash an avalanche of prosperity and potential in their lives. As they've discovered, this mysterious and potent force is the key to finding lucrative business and investment opportunities ? sending the sales, profits, and value of any business soaring ? eliminating debt and building long-term wealth ... developing new products, services, and ideas ? starting your own business dramatically increasing your productivity ? and achieving everything else you have been dreaming of and working towards!

But almost no one has explored the intricacies of the 11th Element or revealed the secrets to accessing it UNTIL NOW.

Bob Scheinfeld's grandfather used the 11th Element to build Manpower, Inc. from a simple idea into a Fortune 500 company with billions in revenue. He then revealed it to Bob, who used it to create millions of dollars more for himself, select clients, and protégés across multiple industries.

In this breakthrough program, Bob reveals the mysterious 11th Element, and shows you how to tap into it. When you do, you'll possess the secret advantage that fuels the world's greatest successes, large and small - including such international success stories as Nike, Starbucks, and Virgin Atlantic.

By embracing and accessing the 11th Element, you will be able to:
    • Achieve incredible, unprecedented clarity in every area of your life.
  • Consistently make the right, best decisions for yourself, your business, your finances, your future - and do so with amazing speed.
  • Transcend your current capabilities beyond all imagining.
  • Find and attract exactly the right people for a particular job or project.
  • Innovate with ease.
  • Secure positive responses, acceptance, and eager cooperation from colleagues, employees, even friends and family members.
  • Create sales and marketing breakthroughs and "giant leaps" in your business - or any business.
  • Get the money you need to start, grow, expand, multiply, or re-engineer a business.
  • Achieve a lot more with less stress.
  • And much, much more!

This powerful and extremely versatile system can be customized for every aspect of business success and wealth creation. It will instantly open your eyes to all that is possible and guide you to success in anything you choose.

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Contents 6 Audio CDs, Bonus CD

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