Take Charge of Your Life

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Take Charge of Your Life

Author: Jim Rohn

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6 Audio CDs

by Jim Rohn

The Jim Rohn Philosophy: Take Charge of Your Life. You will learn how to make your life better, become more influential, choose your attitudes, affect people with word, and control your emotions.


The Jim Rohn Philosophy: Take Charge of Your Life

"When talking about personal success, I like to ask four questions. Why? Why not? Why not you? Why not now?"

Why not acquire the means to travel first class through life, to see the Mona Lisa first hand, to swim the crystal waters of the Bahamas, to sample the food in Paris or Africa? Why not do it all? There’s really nothing like a view from the top.

Recorded before a live audience, this very illustrative program will teach you:

  • How to make your life better by making some small but significant changes

  • How to become more influential, wealthy, and powerful

  • How to transform responses into results

  • How to communicate effectively with everyone you meet

  • How to choose your attitude

  • How to affect people with words

  • How to control your emotions

  • How to be persuasive

  • How to refine your sales abilities and leadership skills

  • How to make the past more valuable

  • How to be prepared for the inevitable

  • How to study and analyze possibilities

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