The Jim Rohn Classic DVD Series

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The Jim Rohn Classic DVD Series

Author: Jim Rohn

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18 DVDs

The ideas Jim Rohn revealed in his legendary weekend seminar ignited a success revolution and created a generation of millionaires. This 18-DVD set was lost for over 20 years, this footage has at last been recovered, remastered and updated for you in this amazing DVD collection.


Discover the legendary “lost” ideas that ignited a success revolution!

Save more than 60% OFF the original selling price of $1,295! Get a front-row seat at the legendary seminar that created some of the greatest success stories of our time!

More than 20 years ago, Jim Rohn spilled the beans on some of the most potent success principles known to man in a two-day leadership weekend seminar. The presentation, along with a special one-day seminar called “Challenge to Succeed”  and some additional private lectures, were recorded on video to be given to attendees as a refresher course.

The secrets he shared on those tapes helped him achieve millionaire status by the age of 30, and they also became the foundation of the many principles shared by world-class personal development gurus today — including Harvey Mackay, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, and Brian Tracy.

His ideas were revolutionary then, and those who applied them became some of the wealthiest, most respected, most influential, and happiest people in the world today. When word of the tapes got out, corporations clamored for them, happily paying more than $1,200 for the two-day leadership program videos alone. Then these legendary videos vanished, and for nearly two decades, they remained lost — the revolutionary secrets they contained seemingly gone forever.

Thankfully, this amazing footage has recently been recovered, remastered, updated, and brought together in an incredible 18-DVD set which Nightingale-Conant is proud to make available to our customers. The secrets revealed on these classic DVDs include:

  • How to get your point across quickly ad effectively almost every time with the four steps to effective communication

  • How to create instant rapport with virtually anyone, even a person who has nothing in common with you

  • The "stuff" that makes the agony of work and discipline a thing of the past

  • The seven fundamentals to wealth and happiness

  • How to increase your ability to solve problems by leaps and bounds

  • One of the most obvious places to look for ideas. People go all over the place to look for ideas, but miss this one ... because it's so blindingly obvious!

  • The easy, uncomplicated easy road to achieving goals

  • And so much more!

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