Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.

Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.Luanne Oakes, Ph.D., is best known for her ability to successfully integrate Western and Eastern philosophies of science, spirituality, and health.

A renowned author, scientific metaphysical researcher, healing facilitator, and composer/musician, she coaches physicians, psychiatrists, performers, and business professionals from all over the world. She is the creator Nightingale-Conant's runaway bestselling programs Sound Heath, Sound Wealth; Spiritual Alchemy; and Your Magical Divine Experiment.

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Sale The 9 Golden Keys The 9 Golden Keys

The 9 Golden Keys

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In her fifth and final program, beloved mentor and author Luanne Oakes gives you an unprecedented “emergency toolkit” you can dip into any time you need to experience or offer healing, revitalize your spirit, or combat negative forces or feelings. This program is also extraordinary in that, for the first time ever, Luanne performed the entire program in the “Sacred Tuning” of  432 hertz, which is the true resonance of the human heart, and can alter and reverse the disruption and chaos caused by cell phones, computers, and other forms of technology. Learn More
Sale Your Magical Divine Experiment

Your Magical Divine Experiment

Regular Price: $299.95

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Your Magical Divine Experiment shows you how to achieve more by doing almost the exact opposite. Because the program helps you achieve your goals from within to without, you can fulfill your heart's desires from the comfort of an overstuffed armchair, on the beach, or in your own sacred place. Listen to the program and free yourself of the notion that staying incessantly busy and withstanding trials and tribulations are prerequisites for achievement. Learn More
Sale Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy

Regular Price: $299.95

Special Price $89.95

The New Technologies for Abundance, Health, and Harmony. In Spiritual Alchemy, Dr. Luanne Oakes offers hope, peace, & freedom through Inspirational and effortless education. Dr. Oakes' Spiritual Alchemy is heart-based technology that is literally effortless. In fact, the less you "work," and the more you "feel," the deeper your transcendent and healing experience will be! You will be given the golden keys to your heart's most treasured desires. Learn More
Sale Seachange


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Seachange: Songs for Transformation and Joy Learn More
Sale The Temple of Rejuvenation

The Temple of Rejuvenation

Regular Price: $234.95

Special Price $117.95

Discover powerful new scientific principles that will absolutely change your beliefs about what is possible for you and our world! Dr. Luanne Oakes has designed each CD in this extraordinary system to give you practical and useful information that helps you start fresh, regardless of what disturbances and challenges you may have experienced in the past. Learn More
Sale Sound Health, Sound Wealth Frequency Treatment

Sound Health, Sound Wealth Frequency Treatment

Regular Price: $166.95

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Unlike any audio system you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, Sound Health, Sound Wealth is a one-of-a-kind program that synthesizes ancient wisdom, post-quantum physics, vibration, color therapies, and the very latest scientific research and technology into an unprecedented new sound frequency treatment. Learn More
Sound Health, Sound Wealth Book: Unleash Your Natural Power to Attract & Manifest Sound Health, Sound Wealth Book: Unleash Your Natural Power to Attract & Manifest

Sound Health, Sound Wealth Book: Unleash Your Natural Power to Attract & Manifest

Sound Health, Sound Wealth is a groundbreaking amalgamation of the fields of science, spirituality, and health. In this profound and inspiring book, Dr. Luanne Oakes synthesizes client stories, personal experiences, and key concepts from her decades of medical, scientific, and spiritual research into a major breakthrough that will forever change the way you think about staying healthy, achieving a state of well-being, and creating the life you want. Learn More
Sale Sound Health, Sound Wealth

Sound Health, Sound Wealth

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The Sound Health, Sound Wealth System is made up of two distinct yet profoundly interrelated components. In this fascinating and deeply compelling narrative, Dr. Oakes articulates the essential, timeless principles that underlie the sound frequency treatment and makes it so powerful. You will understand on a rational level what you experience on a subconscious and cellular level during the treatment. Learn More

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