101 Ways To Magnetize Money….in Any Economy

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101 Ways To Magnetize Money….in Any Economy

Author: Matt Furey

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THE REAL SECRETS are about more than just “hard work.”
Self-made millionaire shares his experience and insights with 101 simple and actionable methods for achieving success. Learn to master your mental, spiritual, and physical habits to attract abundance you would have thought impossible.


Simple methods to master your habits and attract the abundance you’ve always dreamed of.

We all know that money won’t solve all our problems — but having money makes life much easier. “Being broke is a state of mind,” says self-made millionaire Matt Furey, and with his advice, you will learn to change your mental, spiritual, and physical habits in ways that will magnetize you to attract the money you desire.

In this 7-CD course, Furey shares his experience with and insights into the process of creating an abundant life. Each of the 101 installments is brief, simple, and direct — Furey minces no words and delivers blunt advice you can use immediately. And therein lies the key message: Put the lessons into action.

From the very first day you receive the course, you will learn dozens of practical habits :

  • How to find out what you really want

  • How to organize and encourage yourself

  • How to maintain a positive and productive attitude

  • and, finally, how to attract the rewards you want from life

Matt Furey explains 101 simple but effective methods to master your mental, spiritual, and physical habits and weave yourself a “cloak of abundance.”

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